Dr Ajayi and his team won a 2016 TETFund Research Grant

November 2, 2018

Dr Ajayi, one of the 2 co-investigators with the principal investigator, Dr (Mrs) F. M. Adeyemi, won a Nigerian Tertiary Trust Fund research grant disbursed through our University. The team will work on: "Activities of Nigella sativa and Azadirachta indica seed oils against carbarpenemase-producing Gram-negative bacteria: Possible alternatives for management of multi-drug resistant bacteria in clinical settings (UNIOSUN/TETFund/16/005)".

The award letters to all the recipeints were handed over to them by the Vice Chancellor at a retreat organized by the University for Heads of Departments / Units, Directors, Deans, Provosts and Principal Officers of the University on 2 November 2018. They are to commence studies immediately for the next 1 year.

Congratulations to your team!